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Six Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About African Cultures


Why does many people in Nigeria have scars in their faces? Why do many HIV-positive in African countries refuse to take their medicines? Why do woman have to eat sitting on the floor, while men can sit with the table in Uganda? Read why and more shocking things you didn’t know about African cultures in this blog-post.

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SEXUAL HARASSMENT: It happened to me! It will happen to you as a solo female traveler

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With this post I do not want to scare women to travel and see the world alone. I want however only to create awareness. This is because personal experiences around sexual harassment during travel is rarely discussed, although they certainly should have been.

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#JOSTIFIED – We JOS want peace!


This lovely girl named Alheri, 11 years old from Nigeria has experienced what could be the worst possible incident imaginable. One night in 2010, the village where she was living was attacked, killing both of her parents. Furthermore, hundreds of her neighbours, friends, and acquaintances was slaughtered. But Alheri miraculously survived.

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