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Maldives: Visit Before It’s Too Late



You might have seen “Places you need to visit before they disappear” lists. Maldives is always on the top of the lists. One of the most beautiful places I have visited. A paradise. A place to escape from cold winters, problems and stress. If you have not yet visited, time may be running out.

I had always dreamed about visiting the Maldives. I have to do it before the islands disappears, I was thinking…

So finally I got the chance after one month of university sessions in Sri Lanka. Six friends and I decided to take some days in Maldives, thinking that we maybe never would get that chance again. We found some cheap flight tickets from Colombo to Malé (100 USD each way) and a cheap all included package. Because a trip to the Maldives do not need to cost as much as most people think. You can find private rooms for as cheap as 40 USD per night. If you share it will be cheaper. Ok, they are not luxury hotels. But they are good, clean and comfortable.  What more than that do we need?

The four days on one of the many islands of Maldives was spent on the beautiful white sand beach or in the crystal clear water. Snorkeling, surrounded by colourful coral reefs and fishes. The most beautiful coral reefs  I have seen. As most other places I have been most of them are dead. Sadly! However, in Maldives, the corals protected the citizens on these islands from the tsunami in 2004. So not are they only beautiful, they are also incredible important, and will also protect you as a tourist if something horrible like that will ever happen again. So if you are to find yourself there, please do not touch or walk on the corals reefs!



Furthermore, the days passed, by eating delicious food. Playing games. And in the night drinking cocktails. Living the good life.

After four days, we were all sun-burned and red as lobsters. All stress had left, and we all felt harmony in our bodies. However, I think we all also started to be a bit restless to go other places. The trip was definitely worth it. And I would like to come back one day. That will say if the islands do not disappear into the sea before then.

Some scientists claim that this will happen within year 2050. Others, within the next 100 years. Due to the climate change and the rising sea level, they argue that the 1,190 islands of Maldives with an average ground level of 1.5 meters will drown. Furthermore, resulting in that the country’s 360,000 citizens will be forced to evacuate.

That being said, there are a few other scientists do not agree in that the Maldives are doomed. They argue that the islands will not be the same, but that they will still be there.

What the future holds for the Maldives remains to be seen. But if this destination has been on your list for a while, it is best not to wait. Book your travel sooner rather than later.


Have you ever visited the Maldives? I would be interested to hear your opinions of the Islands.


Author: Frue på tur

Mitt navn er Hanne Hellvik og er personen bak Frue på tur som er en reiseblogg.

14 thoughts on “Maldives: Visit Before It’s Too Late

  1. I sooo need to be there right now!! ❤ Love these photos!!


  2. Agree with you! Hoping that I will be able to visit it someday…


  3. Another lovely article and outstanding photos! I’m not likely to go there any time soon so it’s wonderful to read about your travel experiences – it looks so blissful 🙂


  4. And yet there are those who put their head in the sand and don’t believe there’s a climate change problem.
    Rising sea levels are a big problem. But not for everyone, as depicted in this cartoon . . . .



  5. Oh! ❤


  6. Stunning place indeed. On my list of “must visit” places. I do wonder how long it will resist global warming.


  7. Ooooh, the Maldives is at the top of my travel wish list! Unfortunately, my dream of the Maldives includes an over water bungalow, so I think we’re going to have wait a few years for a special occasion before we can justify it! 😉 Hopefully we won’t be too late!!


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