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My name is Hanne Hellvik, from Norway. I love to travel, and have traveled to over 50 countries, divided on five continents. However, what I love the most about travelling, is the people I meet on the way. Getting to know local cultures, their stories, and ways. I usually stay over time in one place, therefore travelling local and sustainable. My experience is that most tourist and travelers do not mix too much with the local people, and furthermore write their traveling blogs about their one day visit to the pyramids in Cairo, Machu Picchu, or Angkor Wat. This blog is therefore a different kind of traveling blog, where you mostly will meet the real people, and hear their real stories. Moreover, you can read about visits to real places, where few people actually travels.

A bit more about me and my background; I have a bachelors in Sociology and master’s in Development Management. I have worked in Development projects in Nigeria, Norway, India, and the US. Furthermore, I worked one and a half year as the director of a foundation named “Yo voy a Ti” in Bolivia. I am also the founder of “Yo voy a Ti” in Uganda.  I am currently working as bilingual freelancer, doing this blog and different assignments for Norwegian media.


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  1. Thanks so much for following my blog. I like your posts-interesting 😉


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