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Marrakech – The Slow Pace of Rapid

28 August, 2014 9 Comments

mor1edOverwhelming- the souks and bazaars in the old medina of Marrakech. A claustrophobic labyrinth of streets filled with tourists, vendors, donkeys, camels, cars, and scooters. However, within this chaos some bazaar owners sit on their chair watching the world pass by. Slowly, taking time easy. Some worried for the rapid development and change the city experience.


In Prison for Being Christian

16 August, 2014 Leave a comment


In Iran, being Christian is a crime. Zahra was prisoned, with around 300 other people from her church, for having this belief. Today she lives a life of fear, persecution and threats. 


Caves of Petra: Where the Bedouins Don’t Live

13 August, 2014 5 Comments


At the magnificent and gorgeous site Petra in Jordan you will meet several people from the tribe: Bedul Bedouins. They will tell you that they still live in caves around the site. This to impress the tourists. The truth is that they now live in a city nearby, having water, electricity, telephone and Wi-Fi.


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