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Community Justice in Bolivia: Whip, Hit and Kick the Criminals

16 September, 2014 8 Comments


An effigy with ropes around the neck. Looking like a person. A warning to potential thieves and criminals, which can be found in most rural villages in Bolivia. However, the threat is not idle. The communities usually brutally take justice into their own hands.

Salkantay and Machu Picchu: In the footsteps of the Incas

1 September, 2014 16 Comments


Cold feet, sunburn, blisters, altitude sickness, and no shower for several days. Almost hundred kilometers on foot, up to 4,620 meters above sea level. That is how I stumbled my way up to Salkantay and down to Machu Picchu. In the footsteps of the Incas.


The Miners of Potosi

29 August, 2014 6 Comments


Mining – among South America’s, and the world’s worst jobs. Miners usually die of silicosis after ten to twenty years of working in the mines. Others, in accidents. However, in the highest city in the world, Potosi, there are few other job alternatives, as the mines are the economy of the city.


Urkupiña: Miniatures of the Future

25 August, 2014 6 Comments


During the Virgin of Urkupiña festival in Quillacollo, Bolivia, it is believed that when buying miniature objects, you will receive the real objects in the future as blessings. Everything is to be found in miniature: houses, cars, babies, food, certificates, money, visas, flight tickets etc. Read the stories of people that claim they got what they desired after buying these miniatures. I also reveal which objects I bought.


What We All Can Learn From Homeless Youth

19 August, 2014 4 Comments

streeteditThe homeless youth of Cochabamba in Bolivia have taught me several things I never could have learned attending the university. Do you believe me when I say that? Because most people see them as trash, pests and without worth. But for me, these youths are strong, creative and intelligent. Even businessmen can learn a great deal from the street youth.


Asunción: Drinking Tereré in the Park

14 August, 2014 2 Comments


In Paraguay, sharing the national drink tereré is not just a thirst quencher. It is a social and cultural experience. Tereré is also seen as medicine. While the thermo is often used as a fashion statement. In the capital Asunción, everybody drink tereré. Independent of if you are a poor or rich man.


Growing Up Behind Bars

12 August, 2014 4 Comments

 children prisionedit

In Bolivia, around 15.000 children live with their parents in prison. Andrea is one of them. Read about my meeting with this 7 years old girl, and my visit to her home; San Sebastián jail.


Eight Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About Bolivia

4 August, 2014 Leave a comment


Offerings of babies to “Pachamama”, hotels where people go for take their own life, and silly statements from the Bolivian president. Here are eight interesting things you didn’t know about Bolivia.


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